Tips & Techniques

Research Planning

  • Start with asking the question “What decisions will be influenced as a result of the data collected?
  • Define attributes that customers value.
  • Define impact the attribute has on customer hierarchy of values:
    a. The Basics
    b. Reputation Builders
    c. Loyalty and Advocacy
  • Define how does the customer hierarchy of values match your brand story
  • Create and socialize your customer experience vision

Research Implementation

  • Use the right methodologies – qualitative versus quantitative
  • Combine data sources for sophisticated analytics – data collected through research, operational and financial data, secondary data, digital data
  • Use multiple technologies to build comprehensive data collection – text, desktop, video, AI – powered text analytics

Influence Decisions

  • Align marketing, budgets, sales goals and sales activities around delivering the customer value attributes
  • Align digital assets and activities to align with delivering the customer value attributes
  • Break the work down into multiple slices that can be delivered within 30-day increments
  • Use testable theories for each slice of work that respond to what customers value
  • Define how you will test your theories
  • Establish metrics to evaluate test results and performance over time.