Point of View

Your Customer Has a Voice

Listening requires you to include touchpoints of the experience – from how they learn about your organization and its services all the way through to whether or not they recommend you after their visit and intend to return.  An individual’s relationship with your organization is like any other relationship — to make it work you need an ongoing understanding of what people need and what makes them happy. You build trust based on the continuous positive experiences.

Comprehensive Voice of the Customer Platform

A comprehensive voice of the community platform collects and delivers knowledge about your customers, their expectations of you, and their perceptions on your delivery.  It allows you to focus on the right level of service from the basics up through those levels where you are truly differentiating and making a difference in peoples’ lives.  The following graphic demonstrates a framework recently developed from one organization’s strategic plan:

Project Structure

  • Qualitative Stage for the purpose of defining the ideal customer experience related to the organization’s strategic priorities.
  • Quantitative Stage for the purpose of assessing the organization’s delivery of the ideal experience and prioritization to address gaps based on value customer receives

Common Project Issues

Research Fatigue

In an era where consumers are asked for feedback billions of times per year, successful surveys of all kinds must use a human voice and have a human touch.  A feeling of authentic communication is quite often missing from how organizations listen to their customers today. And that’s a problem because customers who don’t feel authentically listened to give less thoughtful answers – if they answer at all.

Our unique approach to the user experience during the invitation and questionnaire process creates a special feeling of human connection, regardless of audience size or media.

Change and Innovation

A key aspect of many organizations’ mission and vision implies that individuals will implement positive behavioral, emotional and physiological changes as a result of the organization’s services experienced.  

Our unique approach to interview and questionnaire design allows us to identify those attributes and services that move your organization towards a partnership with people and unlocks their human potential in a way that goes beyond the immediate services and organization.

Stakeholder Buy-In

Keeping all stakeholders engaged in a customer project over a long period of time is critical to success and improvement.  

Our unique approach to project documentation, communication and reviews provides a simple and effective means for building clarity and accountability, as well as significantly minimizing project risks.

Engaging Millennials and Gen Z

While intercepts and email panels are effective in recruiting other demographics, these individuals are not likely to visit a place of business or read email invitations.  

To that end, we have developed proven methods for engaging as many people in the shortest amount of time.

We also know what doesn’t work as we’ve had many experiments.

Digital Divide

Too many organizations rely on only one method for collecting voice of customer data, which does not provide equitable access for engaging with many disparate communities  — e.g. homebound adults, low-income without Internet access, non-English speaking residents, etc.

This requires multiple feedback channels be made available to capture comprehensive data that represents all cohorts – illustrated in the following graphic.

We have forged strong technology and professional services partnerships over the years and has specific recommendations for each attribute described. All recommendations are based on the quality of services provided by each of these partners currently.  We do not benefit from any referral fees or commissions from any of these firms. We work with them because we value the services provided and the way in which they are provided. All embrace Agile and LEAN philosophies and practices, and we really enjoy working together.   

Reducing and Eliminating Vendor Risk

To minimize vendor risk, you need someone willing to educate and guide you through this period of time where best practices are being newly formed from traditional practices.  They include, but are not limited to:

  • traditional survey research
  • advanced predictive analytics;
  • a plethora of “productized” offerings for technology-enabled data collection and reporting;
  • specialized visualization offerings;
  • the shift from social media aggregation to social media integration and analytics;
  • the merging of panel management, sample management and online community management practices.

The market research industry has seen disruptions before, the most significant being the move to online surveys (and by extension, mobile). The existence of more and varied data sources, and the sophistication of the technologies used to harness them, is inviting a broader range of disciplines to the development of solutions. It is not as much the market research industry moving toward these other disciplines but these other disciplines recognizing the existence and value of survey data and the proven statistical techniques being applied.

With the Beach Group partnership, you stand ready to work cooperatively with all of your stakeholders to engage in individual projects that are stronger as a whole.

The team brings all these resources together in a fluid, continuous-learning process that ensures all public-facing online and off-line projects are built on a solid strategic foundation.