People often say “it is what it is” meaning it’s not this and it’s not that.

It’s subtle, there isn’t a name for it, and it doesn’t warrant analysis.

The Beach Group was founded from a recognition that while it seems like a simple phenomenon, it has profound implications for how people think and how they conceive of the world they live in.  An increased use of this phrase might be a sign that people are increasingly comfortable with “context effect” — states that could morph to be different based on context.

With a focus on delivery of digital media, tools, programs and experiences that help strategic work reach more audiences with deeper insights, an amazing community has formed.  Beyond delivering explicit research and strategy services, this community we call The Beach Group involves friendships, inspiration and support for each other – partners and clients collectively. It’s a quest to help individuals and organizations embrace a larger world with more meaningful, connected and vital possibilities.

Taking a real-world approach, The Beach Groups stays away from consultant lingo that purports to provide you with shortcuts and quick fixes. Experience has shown there really aren’t any. The Beach Group brings validated tools, strategies and practices that make a real difference.