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What Teams Tell Us

The digital team is working better alongside the rest of us.

We trust each other more, as we are continually challenged from the customer – value perspective.

I like the process because it makes sure we are taking care of our employees too.

Our Practices

• Four stages of work that have proven successful over hundreds of projects and clients.

• Each stage has explicit outcomes and approval checkpoints and are pursued in this order very intentionally.  

• We focus on capturing the human voice throughout the casual collisions that happen naturally, building relationships to have authentic conversations.

• We believe that the numbers have a great story to tell.

• The deliverables may vary based on the business’ existing customer culture and may/may not include the following:

Commitment to the Cause.

• 100% concurrence on problem to be solved with all stakeholders and team members.  We use interest-based problem solving and RACI methodologies.

• Metrics that demonstrate how success will present itself — triple bottom-line impacts (customer, employee and community)

Sharing of Knowledge.

• 100% team member access to the same information/assumptions – information democracy

• Current condition relative to processes, customer, employee, community, technology, market, profitability, growth and other perspectives that are relevant to the discussion

• Data analytics and visualization


• Personas, roadmaps, attributes, key driver analysis, segmentation modeling, product testing, communications testing, financial feasibility and projections


• Prioritization, testable theories, 2-week work slices roadmap, measurement design and implementation plan, communications design and implementation, baseline performance measurement, retrospective ceremonies